Where to find us

We are currently operating every Sunday for several hours between 12 and 6pm at the Pagoda on the North (Vincent St) side of Hyde Park in North Perth, Australia. Our opening hours vary slightly seasonally and according to volunteer availability, and sometimes we also have to set up at another location in the park, so write down our phone number: 0426 273 124 and call us before you visit to check our current hours, and bring the number with you in case you can’t find us when you’re at the park. We know it seems a little haphazard but we do our very best, and anyway, this is the nature of truly radical anti-authoritarian grassroots ventures run by real live people!

We also generally tend to update people via facebook if there are any changes, so if you can, please find us on there: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=161703510508368

Again, if you save our number in your mobile phone you can call and find us when you’re lost in the park: 0426 273 124


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