We Need Help!

Since we’re a bunch of passionate people doing what we believe in, and we sure aren’t getting paid for it, we always need help. You can help in many ways. We need hands-on people power, money and resources and people to collaborate with.

Helping hands
At the moment, we have a core collective of around 3 people who help out on a regular basis. Obviously one of the main tasks is setting up on Sunday, being there to look after the library and packing up. We may also need help carting the books and bookshelves to and from the site. Our collective is a busy bunch of people who sometimes have other commitments and it would be great to have a few more bodies who are able to commit to helping out on a fairly regular basis, even if it’s just for a couple of Sundays a month. Its super fun to hang out, you can read, meet people and generally feel fantastic about being part of a mobile library that shares amazing resources which inform, educate and inspire positive change in the world.

We were able to run (or drive) with the idea of a mobile community library because of the van we had access to when we started the library, but the van, like anyone, has issues! We need a couple of parts to get this beast back on the road. At the moment we’re carting the books and shelves in cars and it doesn’t all fit which means it takes a few loads and a hell of an extra chunk of time each Sunday.  This is our top priority at the moment!

Collaborative Efforts
Ideas about ways in which the library could collaborate with other community initiatives include:

  • rad food served during the day, ‘food not bombs’ style
  • using the library as a meeting/workshop/zine-making/etc  space
  • starting your own rad reading group that hangs at the library and/or uses library resources
  • organising speakers to give political talks at the park near the library
    etc etc etc etc… its up to you!

Please call us on 0426 273 124 or email theradlibrary@gmail.com if you think you can help out in any of the above ways, or if you have exciting ideas of your own.


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