Our Rad Collection

Below is a snapshot of our wonderful collection, including our books, games and DVDs! We’ve been receiving many donations, but are in the midst of updating our cataloging system so a lot of our new collection is yet to appear here. Come on down to the library and check it out in person! We also have a whole lot of zines that aren’t listed, if you are particularly curious about the zines contact us, or come and have a browse.

Some of the themes we’ve organised our collection into include:

– queer, gender, feminism and sexuality
– race and Aboriginal/Indigenous/First Nation
– health, ability and mental health
– environment
– religion, religious issues and spirituality
– food, gardening and DIY
– exposé
– praxis, community and collective organising
– political theory and philosophy
– australian/local
– fiction (including speculative and less speculative)
– young adult
– kids
– autobiography/biography
– the arts (inc. poetry, scripts, performance, visual arts)

To search through the collection hold down Ctrl + F and type in your search item (author’s surname or title), or simply scroll down.

If you have any books/zines/DVDs/magazines/etc that you would like to donate please contact us! We are especially keen to build up our kids book section at the moment.

Ahlberg & Wright Allan & Joe Mr Cosmo the Conjuror
Ahrens Lois The Real Cost of Prisons Comix
Albert & Hahnel Michael & Robin Marxism and Socialist Theory – Socialism in Theory and Practice
Alcorso Claudio The Wind You Say – An Italian in Australia. The true story of an inspirational life.
Aplin, Mitchell, Cleugh, Pitman & Rich Graeme, Peter, Helen, Andrew & David Global Environmental Crisis – An Australian Perspective
Auel Jean M. The Mammoth Hunters
Auel Jean M. The Valley of Horses
Auel Jean M. The Plains of Passage
Auel Jean M. The Clan of the Cave Bear
Ayers, Mollison, Stocks & Tumeth Rowan, Martha, Ian & Jim Australian Film, Television & Radio School Guide to Video Production
Bakunin Michael God and the State
Beder Sharon Global Spin – The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism
Blay John The Australian Native Plant Gardener’s Almanac
Blum William Rogue State
Botman Machiel Heartbeat
Boxer & Quataert Marilyn J. & Jean H. Connecting Spheres – Women in the Western World, 1500 to the Present
Bradley Marion The Mists of Avalon
Bradley Marion Web of Darkness
Brand-Miller, Foster-Powell, Marsh & Sandall Jennie, Kaye, Kate & Philippa The Low GI Vegetarian Cookbook
Brigati A.J. the Voltairine de Cleyre reader
Brittain Vera Testament of Friendship
Broinowski Richard Fact of Fission? The truth about Australia’s nuclear ambitions
Brown Jr. Tom Grandfather – A Native American’s Lifelong Search for Truth and harmony with Nature
Burroughs William S Junky
Butler Roger The Streets as Art Galleries – Walls Sometimes Speak – Poster Art in Australia
Butler Octavia E. Lilith’s Brood
Caldicott Dr. Helen The New Nuclear Danger – George W. Bush’s Military-Industrial Complex
Califia Pat The Lesbian S/M Safety Manual
Canduci Alexander The Greatest Lies in History: Spin, doublespeak, buck-passing and official cover-ups that shaped the world
Capa & Stycos Cornell & J. Mayone Margin of Life: Population and Poverty in the Americas
Charlesworth Max Bioethics in a Liberal Society
Chomsky Noam Failed States – The abuse of power adn the assault on democracy
Cohen & Young Stanley & Jock The Manufacture of News. Deviance, Social Problems and the Mass Media
Cooper Louise Revenant – The Indigo Saga 7
Cooper Louise The Outcast – Book 2 of the Time Master Trilogy
Cooper Louise Aisling – The Indigo Saga 8
Cooper Louise Avatar – The Indigo Saga 6
Crook (ed) Mary Protection or Punishment – The Detention of Asylum Seekers in Australia
Daniels & Murnane Kay & Mary Uphill All the Way – A Documentary Histroy of Women in Australia
Darling Elaine They Spoke Out Pretty Good: Politics and Gender in the Brisbane Aboriginal Rights Movement  1958 – 1962
Davis, Johnson, Walley & Maza Jack, Eva, Richard & Bob Plays from Black Australia
Deveson Anne Tell Me I’m Here – A moving and courageous story of one family’s experience of schizophrenia
Docherty Leo Desert of Death – A Soldier’s Journey from Iraq to Afghanistan
Eco Umberto Apocalypse Postponed
Edeson & Cupitt Gemma & Cathy On the Edge
Fallon Kathleen Mary Paydirt
Fenton Edward Scorched Earth
Ferrier Carole Hecate – An Interdisciplinary Journal of Women’s Liberation
Folkard Lynne The Rock Pillow – A Personal Account of Schizophrenia
Friedlander & Dine Lee & Jim Work from the Same House – Photographs and Etchings
Fukuyama Francis Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution
Geiskopf-Hadler & Toomay Susann & Mindy The Vegan Gourmet – Full Flavour and Variety with over 120 Delicious Recipes
Gelder & Salzman Ken & Paul The New Diversity – Australian Fiction 1970-88
Genet Jean Miracle of the Rose
Genet Jean Prisoner of Love
Goldstick Miles Wollaston – People Resisting Genocide
Green & Headon Dorothy & David Imagining the Real – Australian Writing in the Nuclear Age
Guy Diane World Biomes
Hager & Burton Nicky & Bob Secrets and Lies – The Anatomy of an Anti-Environmental PR Campaign
Haines Janine Suffrage to Sufferance – 100 Years of Women in Politics
Hambly Barbara The Ladies of Mandrigyn
Hamilton Clive Scorcher – The Dirty Politics of Climate Change
Hamilton & Denniss Clive & Richard Affluenza – When Too Much is Never Enough
Hamilton & Maddison Clive & Sarah Silencing Dissent – How the Australian government is controlling public opinion and stifling  debate
Hansen & Jensen Soren & Jesper The Little Red School Book
Harman Chris How Marxism Works
Harris Tweed D’Gay Mates – Altering a typical Australian greeting to read (in French) “About Gay Mates”
Hartung William D. How Much Are You Making on the War, Daddy? – A Quick and Dirty Guide to War Profiteering in the Bush Administration
Hayter & Harvery Teresa & David The Factory and the City – The Story of the Cowley Automobile Workers in Oxford
Herbert Frank Dune – Messiah
Hetherington & Maddern Penelope & Philippa Sexuality and Gender in History
Hollick Helen The Kingmaking – Book one of Pendragon’s Banner
Hollis & Keegan Matthew & Paul 101 Poems Against War
Houen & Woodhouse (eds) Christina & Jena Hidden Desires – Australian Women Writing
Huxley Aldous Brave New World
Icke David The Robots’ Rebellion
Jackson Janet Coracle – Selected poems 1991 – 2007
Jacobs & Landau Paul & Saul The New Radicals – Action politics in America today. The story of student groups that are making a social revolution
Jerrems Carol Living in the 70s – Photographs by Carol Jerrems
Johnson with Huggins & Jacobs Louise with Jackie & Jane Placebound – Australian Feminist Geographies
Katsiaficas Georgy The Subversion of Politics – European Autonomous Social Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life
Kaufman Cynthia Ideas for Action – Relevant Theory for Radical Change
Khan & Himler Rukhsana & Ronald The Roses in my Carpets
Kilgour Sharon Managing Dieback in Bushland – A guide for landholders and community conservation groups
Kingston Beverley The World Moves Slowly – a documentary history of australian women
Kinna Ruth Anarchism: A Beginner’s Guide
Kitzinger Sheila Woman’s Experience of Sex
Klein Naomi No Logo
Kors & Silverglate Alan Charles & Harvey A. The Shadow University – The Betrayal of Liberty on America’s Campuses
Krakauer Jon Under the Banner of Heaven
Kropotkin Peter Anarchism – A Collection of Revolutionary Writings
Latter Bill Blacklegs – The Scottish Colliery Strike of 1911
Lavelle Christine & Michael How to Grow Organic Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs, Flowers – The Complete Guide to Cultivating a Productive and Beautiful Garden the Natural Way, with over 1000 Step-by-Step Photographs
Le Guin Ursula Lavinia
Lee Tanith The Book of the Damned – The Secret Books of Paradys I
Leonard Gary Gardening in Sandy Soils – Suburban Rural
Lessing Doris RE: Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta
Lessing Doris The Golden Notebook
Lichtenberg Jacqueline Mahogany Trinrose
Llewellyn Grace The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education
Llewellyn-Jones & Abraham Derek & Suzanne Everygirl
Long, Gothard & Brash Jane, Jan & Helen Forging Identities: bodies, gender and feminist history
Lowe Ian A Big Fix – Radical Solutions for Australia’s Environmental Crisis
MacIntyre Stuart Militant – The Life and Times of Paddy Troy
Mackay John Henry The Anarchists
Martinkus John Indonesia’s Secret War in Aceh
Marx & Engels Karl & Friedrich The Communist Manifesto
Maybury Anne Jessamy Court – Witchcraft and terror in a Dorget Mansion
McCaffrey Anne Dinosaur Planet
McDonald with Finnane Connie Nungulla with Jill When You Grow Up
McGeough Paul In Baghdad – A Reporter’s War
McHugh Siobhan Shelter from the Storm – Brian Brown, Samoan Chieftains and the little matter of a roof over our heads
Meehan Maurilia Performances
Meyer & Moosang Christine & Faith Living with the Land – Communities Restoring the Earth
Mill John Stuart On Liberty
Miller Monty Eureka and Beyond – Monty Miller, his own story
Millet Kate Sexual Politics
Mitchell Sarah Splitting the World Open – Taller Poppies and Me
Mohamad Goenawan Sidelines: Writings from TEMPO – Indonesia’s banned magazine
Monbiot George Bring on the Apocalypse – Six Arguments for Social Justice
Monbiot George Heat – How to Stop the Planet Burning
Oppedisano Rocco Food Buying Guide
Orwell George Animal Farm
Orwell George Why I Write
Orwell George Books v. Cigarettes
Owen Ursula Fathers – Reflections by Daughters
Park & Partners Esme Global Women: Nine Days in Bangladesh
Paulin Sally Community Voices – Creating Sustainable Spaces
Penny Laura Your Call is Important to Us – the truth about bullshit
Pratchett Terry The Colour of Magic – The First Discworld Novel
Price Jane Gourmet Vegetarian – kitchen classics. The vegetarian recipes you must have
Rampton & Stauber Sheldon & John Banana Republicans – How the Right Wing is Turning America into a One-Party State
Raymond Janice G. Women as Wombs – Reproductive Technologies and the battle over Women’s Freedom
Reitman Ben Sister of the Road – The Autobiography of Boxcar Bertha
Reynolds Richard On Guerrilla Gardening – A Handbook for Gardening without Boundaries
Reynolds Wayne Australia’s Bid for the Atomic Bomb
Rimbaud Illuminations and Other Prose Poems
Robertson Geoffrey Crimes Against Humanity
Rogers Lesley J. Minds of Their Own – Thinking and Awareness in Animals
Roughsey Elsie An Aboriginal Mother Tells of the Old and the New
Saul John Ralston The Collapse of Globalism – and the Reinvention of the World
Saul John Ralston Voltaire’s Bastards – The Dictatorship of Reason in the West
Saul John Ralston On Equilibrium: the six qualities of the new humanism
Schramm-Evans Zoe Making Out – The Book of Lesbian Sex and Sexuality
Sexton Michael Silent Flood – Australia’s Salinity Crisis
Shukaitis, Graeber & Biddle Stevphen, David & Erika Constituent Imagination – Militant Investigations Collective Theorization
Shukaitis, Graeber & Biddle Stevphen, David & Erika Constituent Imagination – Militant Investigations Collective Theorization
Soaba Russel Maiba: a Novel of Papua New Guinea
Solzhenitsyn Aleksandr One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Some Malidoma Patrice Of Water and the Spirit – Ritual, Magic, and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman
Stanley Jo Bold in Her Breeches: Women Pirates Across the Ages
Stansill & Mairowitz Peter & David Zane Bamn – Outlaw Manifestos and Ephemera 1965-70
Stirling S.M. The Protector’s War
Stirling S.M. Dies the Fire
Strahan David The Last Oil Shock – A Survival Guide to the Imminent Extinction of Petroleum Man
Suzuki & Dressel David & Holly Naked Ape to Superspecies – A Personal Perspective on Humanity and the Global Eco-Crisis
Swir Anna Fat Like the Sun
Tepper Sheri S. Gibbon’s Decline and Fall
Tepper Sheri S. Beauty
Tepper Sheri S. The Gate to Women’s Country
Tepper Sheri S. The Gate to Women’s Country
Threau Henry David Civil Disobedience and Reading
Tolkien J.R.R. The Lord of the Rings – Part One – The Fellowship of the Ring
Tolkien J.R.R. The Lord of the Rings – Part Three – The Return of the King
Tolstoy Leo Master and Man
Traviss Karen Ally
Turner (ed) Graeme Nation Culture Text – Australian cultural and media studies
Tzu Sun The Art of War – Translation, Essays and Commentary by the Denma Translation Group
Uri Gordon Anarchy Alive!: Anti-authoritarian Politics from Practice to Theory
Vanclay & Lawrence Frank & Geoffrey The Environmental Imperative – Eco-Social Concerns for Australian Agriculture
Waring Marilyn Counting on Nothing – What Men Value and What Women are Worth
Wells Jess Lesbians Raising Sons
Reg The End of Privacy – how total surveillance is becoming a reality
Willmot Eric Australia – The Last Experiment – 1986 Boyer Lectures
Wiseman John Stuart SAS Survival Guide
Wolf Gabrielle Make it Australian – The Australian Performing Group, the Pram Factory and New Wave Theatre
Wright Amaranta Ripped and Torn – Levi’s, Latin America and the Blue Jean Dream
Wurts Janny Warhost of Vastmark – The Wars of Light and Shadows: Volume 3
Zerzan (ed) John Against Civilization – Readings and Reflections
Zola Emile Germinal
You Can’t Blow Up a Social Relationship – The Anarachist Case Against Terrorism
Builders’ Labourers’ Song Book
Bridging Time – journeys through poetry and prose by the Thursday night group perth hills, western Australia
Bush Tracks – shortcuts to vegetation information for natural resource management
The Holy Quran
SchNEWS – Reace De Resistance – Annual 2003 – Issues 351-401
SchNEWS – Reace De Resistance – Annual 2003 – Issues 351-401
Towards a Biodiversity Conservation Strategy for Western Australia – Discussion Paper
BHPBilliton – An Alternative Annual Report 2010
BHPBilliton – An Alternative Annual Report 2010
Aboriginal Film and Video Guide
Ecofeminism – Course Reader Volume One – S221 Murdoch University
Bareback. A Tomato Project
Limina – A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies – Volume 5 1999
Damsel Dresses Up
Gender and Sexualities in History – Semester 1 Reader
Art and Life Manipulation – Semester 2 Reader
State of the Environment Report Western Australia 2007
Listen: National Consultations on Eliminating Prejudice Against Arab and Mulim Australians
Zine West 2008 – Western Sydney Writers
Chronic Emergency – health and Human Rights in Eastern Burma
The World Trade Organisation – An Australian Guide
Recipes for Disaster – An Anarchist Cookbook
Poet’s Corner – Poetry from Pages Cafe
Playing with Time – Women Writers for Performance
Self Determination for Children
Redefining Relationships
Off the Map
Australian Short Stories No12
Abdilla Angie Wanja – The Spirit of the Block’s Aboriginal community
Mavromatis Kim Sacred Ground – In the lucky country, 40,000 years of ancient heritage and culture is being swept away
Film Australia’s Wilderness Real and Imagined
Pickaxe, Breaking the Spell, The Miami Model & five short films
The Mae Tao Clinic – A Clinic in Exile
Muckaty Voice
game A Force More Powerful  (Computer)
Wilkinson & Picket Richard & Kate The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone

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