The Rad Library @ Cottonmouth

The Rad Library will be appearing this Thursday night at Cottonmouth! Yes that’s right, its the monthly Cottomouth Performance night, and we will be joining the Perth Zine Collective at 7.30pm at 459 Bar, to showcase our collection.

“Cottonmouth is a Perth-based performance and publishing venture that held its first event in February 2008. Held monthly, the Cottonmouth performance project showcases spoken-word artists, poets, so…und artists, playwrights, new media practitioners and other emerging and established performers in the field of narrative art”

Its $5 entry to get into the performance night; or $20 entry if you want the Cottonmouth anthology. Individual Cottonmouth ‘zines are by donation.

We’ve been very excited about categorising our books in preparation, and have classified our stuff into one or more of the following (potentially contested and somewhat arbitrary) categories:
– queer, gender and sexuality
– race and Aboriginal/Indigenous/First Nation
– health, ability and mental health
– environment
– food, gardening and DIY
– exposé
– praxis, community and collective organising
– political theory and philosophy
– australian/local
– fiction (including speculative and less speculative)
– young adult
– kids
– autobiography/biography
– the arts (inc. poetry, scripts, performance, visual arts)

Remember, we also have zines, videos, DVDs, and a game (just one, and it’s on loan, heh). And a free box, full of FREE things!

Unfortunately we won’t be loaning anything out as this is not our normal venue and we’ve had trouble with returns of late, however you will be able to see what we have on offer and get motivated to get down to Hyde Park and borrow !

You can check out what we’ve got catalogued already (though the catalogue is a little out of date)

If you really desperately want to borrow something and absolutely can’t make it on Sundays, then please let us know in advance and we should be able to arrange something 😉

For more info on Cottonmouth as a whole and the PZC:

Much love and see you there
The Rad Librarians


About theradlibrary

A mobile library full of rad books, zines, DVDs, and games and operating out of a van in Perth, the library has been stocked with stuff bought by those involved, donated by friends, or borrowed from mother's bookshelves (with some significant donations made by a few kind folks). The library made its debut appearance at the Really Really Free Market at Hyde Park, Perth on Sunday 19 September.
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